Honoring God with Time & Resources

Southside Baptist Church views time and resources as gifts from God to be stewarded wisely according to the mission and purpose God has given to His Church. Considered also is the guidance of the Holy Spirit for Southside's local congregation under her pastoral leadership and oversight. In all things, stewardship of resources will agree with God's Word and Will sought through prayer.

A Process for Stewarding Time & Resources Well

All events or activities requesting calendar space (time) and the use of Southside's resources are encouraged to be prayerfully submitted using the Calendar Request Form found at the link below. This process enables Southside to steward time and resources well with consistency and accountability, well prepared to make the most of your activity for the glory of God!

  1. Pray and ask the Lord if this activity aligns with His will and purposes for the Church.
  2. Complete this form: 2020 Calendar Request BLANK.pdf
  3. Submit a completed form to the Church Office (or email to info@southsidebaptist.net).
  4. Your request will be considered prayerfully and a response will be returned promptly.

2020 Focus and Purpose

Southside's 2020 Focus & Vision requires the intentional, strategic and purposeful use of all God has entrusted to Southside Baptist Church. Christ may return at any moment! Therefore, every effort must be stewarded for the building up of the Church (ministry) and Gospel Advancement (mission).