In January 2020, Pastor Christopher eagerly introduced Southside's 2020 Focus for a new decade. It is a process for leading the congregation of Southside Baptist Church:

"To be mature and equipped followers of Jesus,

empowered by the Holy Spirit,

who make even more followers of Jesus

— until He returns!"

2020 FOCUS

This 2020 Focus balances and links together Southside's identity (who we are) and activities (what we do because of who we are).


As a local congregation, we make progress toward this vision by moving through a simple process called a DISCIPLESHIP PATHWAY that balances GATHERING (our Inflow through Large & Small Groups) and GIVING (our Outflow through Ministry & Mission).


Simply put, this discipleship pathway expects every member of Southside to be actively engaged in ONE EACH of these four strategic and biblical movements!

GATHERING | Large Groups & Small Groups

Every member of Southside Baptist Church will GATHER with the saints in two ways, first in our Large Group Assembly (Sunday Morning Worship) and then in a Small Group Community (Sunday School, Bible Study, or another Small Group). In doing so, we benefit from the unique accountability and growth opportunities each gathering offers as we walk in faith together.

GIVING | Ministry & Mission

Also, every member of Southside will GIVE through Ministry (Inward Focus, using spiritual gifts and resources for the building up of the church), and then through Mission (Outward Focus, pulling all efforts, resources and support networks to focus on the intentional work of witnessing, evangelism and reproducing disciples of Jesus).


Pastor Christopher is responsible for shepherding every member individually and collectively as a church through each step of this process so as to attain maturity in Christ, being equipped for the work of ministry and to experience the joy and fulfillment of being on mission for Jesus in any circumstance at any age!


Undergirding every effort is a whole-hearted dependence upon God in all things (FAITH), selfless generosity, and an unwavering commitment to God’s word and prayer.

Our Vision Progress

Learn how Southside is moving toward her 20/20 Vision Goals!

Vision Progress